A well-oiled machine

Sales is about details that ultimately determine the difference

Consider: establishing personal goals, breaking down the market into segments, refining a sales pitch, crafting impactful presentations, providing one-on-one coaching, developing account plans, and so on. It’s the detailed and crucial work that truly counts and sets one apart. It’s a time-intensive process that demands concentration and profound expertise.

A ‘Well-Oiled Machine'

‘Sales is about details that ultimately determine the difference’

Think of: setting individual targets, segmenting the market, fine-tuning a Sales pitch, making powerful presentations, individual coaching, building Account Plans, etc. It is the ‘nitty-gritty’ stuff that matters and makes the difference.

Time consuming work, requiring focus and reliable in-depth expertise.

Market segmentation

Make a difference, some areas of improvement

Individual target settings

Unclear, unrealistic sales targets demotivate salespeople and could have a paralyzing effect on them.

Market segmentation

Inadequate market segmentation results in insufficient focus on the most promising prospects and wasted time on the least interesting ones.


Customer pitch

Sales presentations lacking in thorough preparation create an unprofessional impression and often fall short in uncovering customer needs.

Market pressure

Not establishing and monitoring individual contact goals deprives us of the essential market pressure needed to efficiently tap into the untapped market potential.

Value propositions

Ineffectual and uninspiring customer solutions lead to a diminished perceived value, resulting in either a lack of purchase intent or insufficient profit margins.

People development

Sales professionals who lack coaching and active development often experience a sense of undervaluation and miss out on opportunities to maximize their potential, ultimately limiting their ability to provide increased value to customers.

An effective Sales organization is a well-oiled machine. The gears, Salespeople, run smoothly, because they are lubricated by good structures and processes. Within a solid organizational framework.